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  1. Re: Who do u think respects luffy the most ?

    Every SH Pirate. They all respect Luffy. No doubt about it!
  2. Hi I'm DarxusDreyar18. How's it going!

    I'm DarxusDreyar18. I'm new here so I don't know the people around here. But expect a lot about me coz I will be posting exciting games here.
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    [Game] Guess the Character


    1. "The host thinks of a character."
    2. "The contestants ask questions and the host answers them."
    3. "First one to guess right is the host." (Or whoever wants to be host.)
    4. "Only yes...
  4. Re: What kind of ending do you guys imagine?

    I have still no idea but I think Naruto and Sasuke will be friends again. And everything will be peaceful.
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