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  1. Re: Hey, I m new and I am searching Mangas and need your help!

    These are just a few off the top of my head:
    Absolute Boyfriend, Ai Hime-Ai to Himegoto, Barajairo no Kiss, Barairo My Honey, and Beauty is the Beast
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    Re: Orihime's importance to Ichigo?

    I think she's very important to Ichigo. I mean he went to save her just like Rukia and he's always talking about all his friendships so i think she's included.
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    Re: Top girl from anime / manga ?

    1.Mizuki from Hana kimi
    2.Tsukasa from Tokyo Crazy Paradise (totally love this manga)
    3.Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket
  4. Re: hello-^^ lets talk about Anime, manga, vocaloid..etc otaku stuff!

    I TOTALLY LOVE VOCALOID. :worship: I got an entire list on my youtube page.
  5. Re: hello-^^ lets talk about Anime, manga, vocaloid..etc otaku stuff!

    Cool nice to meet you. I know I watch a lot of anime and read a lot of different manga. I may not have watched the entire series of ur shows but i've seen some of them. I really like cosplay and i've...
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    Re: are you fan of yaoi or hentai?

    Don't really care for yuri either it always seem fake if its not hentai and i still don't like it.
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    Can u find this?

    I have read this manga called Tokyo Crazy Paradise about 15 times and still love it to death. BUT I CAN'T FIND THE FREAKING MANGA IN STORES. Help me plz:worship: I'm totally begging right now.
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    Sticky: Re: Top 3 Favorite Manga "Explain"

    1. Tokyo Crazy Paradise- The plot holds action, drama, comedy and a couple of love triangles that revolve around a girl disguised as a boy.
    2. Fruits Basket- There are so many life lessons in this...
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    Re: are you fan of yaoi or hentai?

    I like hentai but I personally really enjoy yaoi:o There are so many type of guys i just fall in live with each of them.
  10. Re: the completed manga that you think good.

    Tokyo Crazy Paradise. Awesome read ita a gender bender, deals with yakuza, a little romance, and most of all the shooting and fighting scenes are just too cool for words.
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    Re: Should I read this manga?

    Totally read it. i didn't watch the anime but the manga starts off a little slow but grows to be hilarious. Plus the fight scenes are kinda awesome.
  12. Re: the manga you read again and again and never boredom?

    I have read Tokyo Crazy Paradise about 15x already and still love love it. I'm so mad I can't find any of the copies to buy.
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    Re: The Breaker vs. New Waves

    I'm currently reading new waves too and think i prefer this one because it goes more in depth about the Murim. Plus I think Shioon might actually get his skills back.
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    Hi call me AnYue.

    I just found out about this site and thought it was pretty cool. ^_^ I'm a newbie when it comes to forums so don't be mad if i mess up a few times:o Please take care of me.
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