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    Sticky: Re: What manga are you currently reading?

    "Manga that I am currently reading?"

    I think that question for me would be what arent I reading. lol.

    Well here's a bit of a taste:

    Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden- I would have been done while...
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    Re: home made manga :D


    Its hard to believe that people still like to do this. Around where I live there arent that many, just me and a few friends. Currently I am helping my friend with her two manga series (well...
  3. Re: Who Ever Said That A Good Introduction Was A Lost Art

    Thank you for the welcome, i really appreciate it.

    I remember the last time that did one of these introductions, and the title was "Cant Do Backflips". It was funny because I caught a lot of...
  4. Who Ever Said That A Good Introduction Was A Lost Art

    Greetings to all those here at AO,

    I am no stranger to Forums, or even anime. Though I am pretty tough on how accurate you need to be when telling people facts about an anime. I find that a lot...
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